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We can plan your project with the financial detail your bank is looking for while also considering the details of on-site constructability and operational efficiency, a testament to our years in the business.


Our value to our clients lies in our deep understanding of all aspects of the industry and what it takes to succeed with a differentiated and lasting product in a marketplace filled with cheap entertainment thrills.


We work with your vision and set of unique circumstances to create a project that has long-term value while maintaining the core of “why” you are embarking on the project development journey.

Surf Parks

From indoor standing waves to full-scale outdoor travelling wave pools, Select Contracts has worked with pioneers in the surf wave technology industry to bring surfing on-shore and accessible to everyone. Waves can be created to suit any ability at the switch of a button, every minute of every hour, of every day of every year. We can offer business-focused development services and create integrated destinations with never-ending surf waves, standing waves, skate parks, bars, restaurants, retail, conference facilities and more. Select Contracts is the only professional operations management firm with direct experience operating world-class Surf Parks.

Our Experience

Urban Island | North America
BSR Surf Resort | Waco, Texas, USA
Whistler Indoor Adventure Centre | Whistler, Canada
Wadi Adventure Park | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Mountain Bike Parks

Mountain Bike Parks are fast becoming the ‘next best thing’ for locations that have either a hill or a mountain and the need to offer year-round active participation for its visitors. Select Contracts’ experience of lift, shuttle driven, pedal-accessed and indoor bike parks allows us to draw on the skills necessary to design, build and operate a facility anywhere in the world, in an environmentally and ecologically friendly manner whilst providing investors with very surprising returns.
Downhill mountain biker.

Our Experience

Scotland Bike Park | Scotland
Unlock Adventure Park Porirua | Porirua, NZ
Christchurch Adventure Park | Christchurch, New Zealand

Adventure Parks

An Adventure Park offers so much more than a theme park due to their active nature. We offer business and development services to handle all aspects of Adventure Parks and are recognised as the leaders in this industry with many projects in development around the world. Adventure parks include but not limited to:
  • Ziplines
  • Mountain coasters
  • Mountain bike trails
  • Aerial ropes courses
  • Sightseeing & hiking trails
  • Food & beverage facilities
  • Guest services
  • Gear rental and retail facilities.

Our Experience

Wadi Adventure Park | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Water Parks & Wellness Facilities

Water parks are a key component of our entertainment offering. Our expertise in splash parks, full-scale water parks and spa & wellness resorts, combined with our adventure park experience has seen us design some awesome adventure-based water parks that really push the boundary of water-based fun.
Two children on water slide at aquapark

Our Experience

Urban Island | North America
Whistler Indoor Adventure Centre | Whistler, Canada
New Brighton Foreshore Development | Christchurch, New Zealand
Baseball Republic | Santiago, Dominican Republic

Indoor Active Participation

Physical challenges to digital interactivity, these indoor attractions teach, entertain, bring together and promote both curiosity and active living. Our experience with indoor skate parks, indoor augmented reality experiences, indoor climbing walls allows us to take a high-level, yet detailed approach to development.
dome2 (1)

Our Experience

Game Complex | TBD

Sightseeing & Visitor Attractions

We can bring people into nature by breaking down the barrier through accessible gondola uplifts and recreational trails. Softer adventure can be combined with Adventure Park activities to suit different audiences.

Our Experience

Squamish Canyon | British Columbia, Canada
Unlock Adventure Park Porirua | Porirua, NZ

Mountain Resort Development

Four-season strategic planning for new and existing resorts. Our scope of expertise is broad and deep with capabilities to provide solutions for a wide range of situations including: Four-Season Activities and Attractions, Mountain Biking, Program Development, Rental/Repair, Storage, Retail, Food and Beverage, Festivals and Events.
OBERAMMERGAU - OCTOBER 13 : Alpine coaster in Kolbensattel mountain, slide down with gravity, no engine, in Oberammergau, Germany, on October 13, 2016.

Our Experience

Tourism & Recreational Development

Working together with local and regional government, or other tourism and recreation stakeholder in the private or public sector, we provide strategic planning that serves the needs of the local and regional residents as well as inbound tourists. Our market research and creative planning process leads to valuable outcomes that are financially feasible and have lasting impact for communities.
Happy little toddler girl running through a fountain having fun with water splashes in a swimming pool enjoying day trip to an aqua amusement park during summer family vacation

Our Experience

Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Regeneration Area | Christchurch, NZ
Pemberton Adventure School | Pemberton, BC, Canada
Baseball Republic | Santiago, Dominican Republic
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We understand what it takes to create successful operations for any attraction. We work with your vision for a project in a strategic manner throughout the design process to achieve the perfect balance of supporting amenities, infrastructure, and qualified personnel to run a well-oiled operation