Urban Island

February 3, 2022

Project Details: Urban Island is an indoor entertainment paradise built for year-round usage in any climate. It is activity-based indoor fun geared to adults with features including a deep-water surf simulator, a bouldering/rock climbing wall with a plunge pool, a ninja-warrior-style obstacle course over water as well as spaces to hang out and relax such…

Surf Park Development

BSR Surf Resort

February 4, 2022

Project Details:  BSR Cable Park and Surf Resort is a world-renowned surfing destination that features a 140,000 sq ft surf lake, a cable wakeboarding lake, lazy river, waterslides, a hotel, and lakeside cabin accommodations.   How Did We Help:  Select Contracts brought 40+ years of operations experience to implement effective organizational and operational changes to…

Whistler Indoor Adventure Centre

March 3, 2022

Project Details: As part of Whistler Blackcomb’s development plan ‘The Renaissance Project’, Select Contracts designed a 145,000sqft indoor adventure centre which included a water park, day lodge operations for skiing and several supporting attractions including a bowling alley, entertainment centre and bar/restaurant.   How Did We Help: Select Contracts was the lead consultant on the…

Wadi Adventure Park

July 9, 2021

Project Details: The world’s first surf park consists of three of the longest white water rafting channels globally measuring 1,100 metres, a substantial multi-level airpark, 1,200-metre long zip line, a cable wake park, a surf café and a retail shop.  How Did We Help: Select Contracts brought 40+ years of operations experience to the line…

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