Project Details:

Developing the summer operations for a world-class ski resort to create year-round activities.

How Did We Help

Select Contracts undertook substantial Market Research to understand both the winter and summer markets to create a unified vision for year-round operations. A Four-Season Strategic Plan was developed that included thematic zones surrounding the resort’s four central summer operating lifts.

The Brief

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR), located on the edge of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. This world-class top ski resort that hosts over 700k skiers a year sensed a greater opportunity to capitalize on the massive summer visitation to the area. JHMR engaged Select Contracts with our expertise in Mountain Resort Development and four-season play to provide a plan to unlock this potential.

There are already several summer offerings for visitors, but JHMR felt there wasn’t a unifying vision of what the future would look like for these visitors and how that aligned with the strong winter brand. As a result, Select Contracts needed to understand the differences between the summer visitors to those who visited in winter. Mainly what motivated them and what the best ways to bring them into the big mountains in an authentic way that met their level of “adventure.” A unifying masterplan and supporting financial case was needed to lead growth into the future of the four seasons resort,

Our Approach

Select Contracts conducted thorough Market Research of all the available information on summer visitors in the region, most of whom are motivated by Teton and Yellowstone national parks. In addition, we analyzed the current summer financial results to understand where the existing momentum was and how guests were reacting to the summer experiences already on the mountain.

We required intensive collaboration with the client to understand the winter brand to fully comprehend the core of the brand’s reputation and ongoing leadership in the skiing industry. The purpose of that was to ensure that the summer experiences designed would positively impact rather than detract from the existing success.

Select Contracts quickly discovered that the JHMR property was rich with opportunities to create powerful four-season experiences for leisure and lifestyle market segments. As a result, a Four-Season Strategic Plan was developed that included thematic zones surrounding JHMR’s four central summer operating lifts.

The Result

We produced a cohesive strategy that will see growth across the mountain in every guest segment, from accessible sightseeing to hard-core mountain biking and everything in between.
There is an emphasis on solid and authentic family adventure offerings that will differentiate from nearby competitors who have a long history of addressing the summer family adventure market. In addition, we put forward a compelling overall business case for new investments that will help diversify the overall annual resort’s operations to become a true four-season resort.

After senior leadership and ownership adoption, the plan is now moving into the development phase with the schematic and detailed design of specific attractions and mountain zones. Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with this exciting project.