Wadi Adventure Park

Creating the World’s First Surf & Adventure Park


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Royal Family

Project Details:

The world’s first surf park consists of three of the longest white water rafting channels globally measuring 1,100 metres, a substantial multi-level airpark, 1,200-metre long zip line, a cable wake park, a surf café and a retail shop. 

How Did We Help:

Select Contracts brought 40+ years of operations experience to the line to help get the surf and adventure park open with the full pre-opening scope and guided its first years of operation. As a result, we met the many challenges of operating multiple world’s first and largest attractions with creative solutions that kept the facility open and profitable.

The Brief:

The park owners did not have the operational expertise to open or run a large multi-faceted surf and adventure park. Construction delays led to a lack of investment into pre-opening management; therefore, they sought help and expertise.

As the park would contain both the world’s first and largest attractions, it would inevitably have many challenges along the way to ensure safe public operations and the ongoing troubleshooting of operating parameters. The high-profile project required professional solutions to the difficulties to retain both the brand image and investor confidence.

Our Approach

We initially launched into our tried and trusted pre-opening management processes, ensuring planning was in place for opening and the construction finishing touches were optimized for operational efficiency.

Through pre-opening, it was evident that the project required additional attractions and services to ensure visitors remained within the venue for extended periods and increased their spending potential. Therefore, we recommended and subsequently built added attractions, including facilities for families, groups, and corporate events, including restaurants, conference and meeting space, adventure courses, zip lines, and family swimming pools.

The Result

Wadi Adventure Park has been in full operation since February 2012. We operated the facility for the first 18 months and then handed it over to the client’s operations team. Today, we have an ongoing close liaison with the client.

While under our operation, we ran surfing competitions, international stand-up paddleboarding events and invited international Olympic teams to train in the white water facilities. Select Contracts professional but fluid management style helped the park meet all the challenges of planning, initial operations and dealing with ongoing operational challenges after opening.

Watch the video below to get a first-hand experience of how awesome the Wadi Adventure park is!